Monday, July 24, 2006

Tune up with Zune: Microsoft exclusive update as promised

Just recently, Microsoft released news of a digital music player in an attempt to compete with Apple's iPod (note that we were one of the first blogs on this story from the start... even before major news stations like CNBC... reason to keep posted). Microsoft says that they are concentrating on features that the iPod does not have. The Zune will integrate WiFi downlads allowing users to downlad digital products (music) directly deom their Zune when on the go Microsoft also stated that they will work on adding buffered internet radio stations which will pick up feeds from WiFi signals. The Zune will offer some gaming as well, including possible XBox plug in features, allowing users to plug in their Zune into their XBox 360 and have access to your music on the game itself, (the iPod does this already, but without iTunes downloaded music). Microsift will also be willing to pay users for their previously bought songs from iTunes. I like the idea of the Zune... even though the iPod will dominate as I stated in the past entries. I will most likely get my hands on the Zune. I like the idea of wireless downloads without a computer and less worry about downloading speed and all... the internet radio stations will also be a plus (competing with Sirius and XM satellite radios LOL). Don't get your hopes up yet... the wireless downloading, gaming, and internet radio aren't promised to be added into the Zune product. Microsoft Zune will be released right on time for this holiday season.